Work Permit Consultancy Agency for Foreigners

While searching for a suitable candidate for a post the organization goes through a step-by-step process to find out the right fit. So for these, we provide work permit consultancy for foreigners. This process takes time but it ensures the best output. Talent Centric presents the best recruitment service in Bangladesh because we conduct a thorough and detailed hiring process. We aim to make the right decisions and add talented candidates to the company.  To make your company grow we conduct recruitment in a step by step process.

3 government authorities allow employees to move abroad for work:

Following a prescribed form, private sector industrial enterprises, branch offices, liaison/representative offices who wish to employ foreign nations can apply through BOI. There is a guideline that BOI follows allowing any such application. For your better judgment, the whole process is described here:

  1. Bangladesh recognized country nationals can apply only
  2. Employment of expatriates personnel in the industrial establishment will need sanction by appropriate authorities
  3. If the local technicians are not available, only then employees from Bangladesh can be taken
  4. Persons above 18 years old are eligible for employment
  5. The decision of the board of director will be held final for any employment extension
  6. Foreign employment will be allowed not more than 5% in the industrial sector and 20% in the commercial sector of the total workforce
  7. The foreign workers will join in a two years program which can be extended according to the needs
  8. Ministry of security will issue the necessary security clearance certificate

Our services include issuing work permits too. We look for any work advertisement published in the newspapers by any foreign employer. The foreign national should arrive in Bangladesh with E or PI type visa. BOI recommendation is a must before issuing those visas. Application for a work permit should be submitted within 15 days of the employer’s arrival. 

A list of documents is needed for getting a work permit:

  1. Application paper with passport size photographs of the foreign national attested by the appropriate authority
  2. Attested copy of permission letter for the company
  3. Commercial enterprise from the appropriate authority
  4. Board resolution regarding employment of foreign nationals
  5. Article of association, Memorandum, and Certificate of Incorporation of the company duly attested
  6. Attested copy of agreement and appointment letter
  7. Attested copies of all educational and professional certificates
  8. Paperclipping of the advertisement for local employment by foreign personnel
  9. Statement of manpower
  10. Encashment certificate of inward remittance in favour of branch office for the last two years
  11. An up-to-date income tax certificate

Our team ensures the authenticity of the paper by getting all the documents attested by the managing director or managing partner or proprietor of the company. BOI will send all the papers, duly submitted, to the Ministry of Affairs for Security and Council. Only after getting security clearance BOI will issue the work permit.

Talent Centric takes all the hassle on behalf of you to get the work permit and visa. We make this complex as easy as possible so that the employees don’t get confused. Our Work Permit Consultancy Agency for Foreigners is the right choice for you to find work overseas.