Human Resource Information and Management System

How great a company is can be known by the employees working for it. They are the ones who bring profit to the business. And we are the ones who bring you those employees. Talent Centric is the leading human resource information and management system in Bangladesh that is working tirelessly for your benefit.

Our HR team is adept at keeping a vast record of human resource information. A strong cloud system with updated software makes our task easy in this case. Records of the new employees, their staffing, and even payroll management we do via digital resources.

Likewise information resources, our management system is also of top-notch. We have a huge reputation for managing an office efficiently meeting our client’s demands. We use the information gathered in the storage and analyze them according to our client’s preferences. That way, our managing skills are better than any other organization in the field.

The management system at Talent Centric is based on some ground strategies. We put client’s needs forward before digging into any management projects. When you use “performance management” replacing appraisal, we include the following services in the list:

  • Selecting appropriate people with an appropriate selection process.
  • Negotiating achievements-based performance standards, outcomes, and measures along with requirements.
  • Providing effective education, orientation, and training.
  • Providing ongoing coaching and feedback.
  • Conducting quarterly performance development discussion.
  • Providing promotional development opportunities for staff.

Management System

Our HR management services are matched with the international standard for which we provide services in both home and abroad. We offer strategic and cost-efficient HR management initiatives, consultancy, development, and training. Finding the right fit for the right job is the first step. After hiring the best bunch, to keep our services going we offer:

  • Management and HR consultancy service
  • Executive search service
  • Training and development services and programs
  • Management of payroll services
  • Strategic planning and performance review
  • Leadership and team-building
  • Engagement surveys and programs
  • Compensation management and salary reviews

Information Service

To render these services we need to have a strong information system in the organization. We don’t compromise when it comes to managing information. In our organization, we make sure that the best and most updated equipment is used for managing information. In most cases, we depend on automated information services.

Gone are the days when people used to keep records with pen and paper. Today’s era of technology is focused on making record keeping easier. Our expert team who deals with the information uses these advanced resources to keep your information safe.

The benefits of our information system are comprised of:

  • A huge database stores the recruitment information
  • Employee data is recorded with the most accuracy
  • Last-minute payroll management services
  • Dealing with banks is made easy
  • Cloud-based information system
  • Access from anywhere and anytime

The profit of your company depends on how better you can manage your company. While doing business on any scale, dealing with office management is a trouble with the stuff going around all the time. Share your burden of human resources with us. We will give you a human resource information and management system which ensures better profit.

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