Recruitment Service in Bangladesh

Talent Centric is one name for all sorts of employment requirements. A widespread working network lets us manage recruitment and staffing for workers from both home and abroad. We excel in expatriate management service too. Working in a foreign agency from our country is made easy by us.

Working abroad is already troublesome. Matching with the culture and environment is a tough task. But more tough is to get that opportunity that can be a life-altering decision for you. When you are making this huge decision of working abroad, we stay by your side with all sorts of help you might need.

Today, to send employees abroad for work purpose and gaining experience has become very common. Managing expatriate abroad is a challenging task which we do efficiently here. We are aware of the expatriate failure too. To avoid such failure, you can rely on the experienced management staff we offer you.

Pre-departure Training

The success of the expatriates depends a large deal on comprehensive orientation programs. Our pre-departure training program lets your employees get the exposure they need for working abroad.

In the training programs, we make them aware of

  • Culture of the new place
  • The situation of each employee
  • Our general guide covers the areas of:
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Safety and security
  • Managing family life

Local Support

Many expats think that contacting their local support around the workplace is more beneficial than contacting the HR in their base office. If you don’t have that support our specialists will help the new expats settle. Locals might guide the new expats on various topics that might seem confusing to them. We avoid such situation by accompanying them with:

  • Utilities
  • Accommodation
  • Language
  • School
  • Personal tax
  • Help building a social network

The psychological aspects of the expats depend a lot on the success of the expatriates. There are many things that we do to help the process:

  • Encourage them to use social media for better connectivity
  • Arrange an informal introduction to colleagues
  • Organize employee-centric activity
  • Taking look at spouse expat information groups

Ongoing Support

It is important to maintain contact even after the employees have settled down in the new place. Our HR regularly checks-in with them. There may come situations that occur after working for a while in the place. We help them by finding out solutions to those problems.


We are liable to taking care of their health issues too. Access to quality healthcare is vital not only for the workers but also their families. We enable them international healthcare insurance to assist and protect their needs. Moving, settling, and starting a new job is difficult for one to take. We deal with their mental health too.

On the whole, when we render our services we make sure that the expatriates are getting all that they need. We design our services in a way that covers all. Rely on our expatriate management services whenever you are sending employees abroad because we treat them with the facilities they deserve.

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