Contractual Staffing Service in Bangladesh

Talent Centric is the answer to any sort of HR-related issues you face. You might want a permanent solution to a problem or seek contract-based assessments to your problems. With us, you will get services according to your needs. We excel in contractual staffing service in Bangladesh too.

In the contractual staffing services, we mainly focus on recruiting you manpower who will work on a contract base for you. Your different needs for manpower can be fulfilled in different ways. Our organization specifies your needs for a more concentrated solution for your comfort.

We go for both onshore and offshore contractual staffing. The basic staffing process is the same for both cases. In both cases, we put forward the utmost adjustment of the employees. We ensure their comfort so they can provide more for you.

Various HR services include in our contractual staffing program. Vendor management, benefits management, service management, HRMS management, global helpdesk, labor compliance, full and final settlement, etc. are part of this program. Your reputation is our concern. If we offer good staffing to your contractual employees this will also mean you are having a good name in the industry. Good connections make your company grow. Together we can make your work easier.

Our contractual staffing also saves you time and cost. We help you when you need a number of employees immediately but do not have the resources to afford all that is related to hiring an employee. Our staffing program allows you workers that can be specialized to you and we bill you on an agreed hourly rate.

Employment, training, rewarding, are the three basic points through which we conduct our staffing program. This is a full-proof structure for successful contractual staffing. In contractual staffing, the employees are associated with a certain period of time. If the staffing is good, this can lead to permanent employment too.

The contractual staffing service that we serve is the perfect combination of your needs and resources. We design our services so that you can fit into the programs easily. Talent Centric is the name where you get all your problems solved.

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