Managed Payroll Service with Tax Filing

Save your valuable time and improve your accuracy on Payroll Processing. The aim of our managed payroll service with tax filing is to ensure that your valued customers get all the flexible technical changes suiting your organizational needs. Our computerized environment and fully equipped infrastructure make us the best payroll management service for businesses. We also provide Tax filing support with payroll management.

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  • Calculate, Process payment and Tax solution.
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Payroll Service and Tax filing support


Payroll Management & Processing

Payroll processing service can take more effort and time than they may seem. Our team will make your job easy here no matter how big the company is. Our task is to make sure that the job is done in just a one-day business transaction and it is done in a way that does not hamper the workforce.

You would want to focus more effectively on your business and marketing strategies. So, provide a sufficient amount of compensation for the daily efforts of your employees and don’t hesitate to avail of this payroll service

Our resources are well trained and equipped to help you get your expected results. Your clients will get backup services in no time. With our help and expertise, you’ll get payroll services just as you need them. We work hand in hand with you to meet your needs and go beyond your client’s expectations.

When you go for manual processing, there may occur numerous data compromising issues. For example, if the attendance and leave are mismatched, the employees would get excess or less than their actual salary. To avoid any such complications, rely on our payroll system. We use the most advanced payroll software for you to tackle the payroll bulls with horns. It is easily deployable; it aligns with the attendance module.

Our services also track overtime calculations and reimbursements. So your employees will get the most satisfactory paychecks. We use the cloud to store all the information in one place. With the huge data server system, you can access the whole payroll system anywhere and anytime. Keeping us with the pace is our payroll management concern.

If you are concerned about the income tax and statutory integration with company payroll, we have all the solutions you can ask for. We keep up with the changing laws and regulations issued by the government of Bangladesh. We make the laws comprehensible so your clients and employees can understand them easily.

Why We Are Different in Payroll Service?

As a Payroll Management Service provider in Bangladesh. We have teams who will provide dedicated payroll service with payroll processing, management etc.

Payroll Services We Offer for your business

Outsource Payroll

Your Company Maybe Big or Growing. But You Need Payroll Support which you can outsource. We support outsouced payroll for any business


For any company there is a need for financial handling. We can solve this issue for you. We can handle Payroll, Tax and all other financial concerns.


We do payroll processing for companies. All the payroll are highly checked and maintained. We maintain high security on Payroll Processing.


We use automation on payroll processing. Our automated software will take care of full automation of payroll for your business.


Talent Centric Provide Third-Party Payroll Service. We serve as a partner and provide payroll service while being a business partner.


Talent Centric designs the most advanced payroll service. It provides a variety of management reports and services to keep your business going smoothly. Certified payroll, check register, code listing, payroll register, standard tax service, and many more you can access easily with us. That’s why we are the best choice for you.

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