Recruitment Service in Bangladesh

Talent Centric conducts recruitment in a deft methodology. The recruitment method we follow starts from identifying the employees, through attracting, interviewing, selecting, and ends with hiring them. The method involves everything our client asks for.


The search for the right candidate starts with identifying them. Our hiring team has a keen eye for who our clients want on their team. We try to understand from our clients which attribute they want in the employees. We determine the job description through group discussion with the client.

We also take notes from the meeting minutes of our meeting with the clients to get the appropriate frame of the person we are searching for. If this stage is flawed then the whole method will collapse. Client satisfaction is our goal so we keep caution while identifying the candidates.


Once we are done identifying the faces you need for the job we start attracting the candidates. Publicity is the key to this stage. Our experienced hiring team knows how to attract the correct crowd. They use their connection for this purpose.

Our team uses a vast network to seek the best fit for the frame. We make job advertisement widespread so that no eligible candidate can miss the opportunity. We go for headhunting, printing and pasting posters, media, newspaper inserts, taking help from other employers, and referrals.


We analyze the inputs and attributes instructed by the clients to choose from the candidates who applied for the job. A list of attributes is made for determining the standard of the candidate. Only those who match the list are approached for the interview session.

The interview sessions are held between the client and the candidates with us being the third party. In some cases, the client may be absent in the interview, where we take full responsibility for quality search. Strict time maintaining is followed in the interviews. All sorts of fitness of the candidate are judged in the interview.


For the purpose of selecting the candidates, we are very picky. We only approach the candidates who match the client’s requirements.  After that, they are assigned tasks relevant to the job offer. The tasks may be assigned before or after the interview.

While selecting the candidates we consult with our clients. Making sure the criteria they are looking for then we approach with the selection. Only those who excel in both the task and the interview are called in for hire.


The last step of the recruitment process is hiring the candidates. We try to keep the candidates updated with each passing step of the process. Determining the comfort of individual and client we indulge in negotiation. Our purpose is to close the deal with a Win-Win situation.

Based on the joining confirmation we follow us with both the client and the candidate. We ensure smooth joining and onboarding. If no match is found, the recruiting process immediately starts from the first step.


Our duties continue through the post joining period too. We keep in touch with the candidate and client to know whether they are satisfied with each other or not. We talk with the candidates initially once a week then once a month for 90 days with the organization to make sure they are happy and satisfied. This is the detailed recruitment method that makes us the best in what we do.