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Payroll automation means the use of computers to produce paychecks and manage benefit payments for a company or organization. We offer an automated payroll service to keep you ahead in the business game. These services cover each and every aspect of payroll management but more efficiently.

Payroll processing requires specific learning. Our team of experts is working in this sector for years. We provide you the most experienced bunch to help with your payroll management. The unique feature of our team is that they are updated whenever any new invention is introduced in this sector. We keep ourselves active when it comes to serving you.

The analog mode of payroll is a troublesome task. This risks confidentiality too. If you are not using automated services then, obviously, your resources are not being used to their fullest. You need a real-time solution to your problems so that you can access the information from anywhere you want. We make this service available for you.

Automated Payroll Service We Offer in Bangladesh

Payroll Service

Talent Centric offers payroll service. We are in the payoll service market for 5+ years. We not only provide service for the Bangladeshi market but also in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. We have experience in Payroll Processing with top companies like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, JTI, Vivo and many more. 

Fitting the Need

In the present era of technology walk a step ahead with our fully automated payroll services. We put forward your needs, so we’ve equipped ourselves to fit your needs. Our solutions adapt to your scale of work. Timeliness and courtesy are our foundation. Don’t waste your time and energy barraging with the ancient system of temporary fixes and workarounds. We are here with the best-fitted solutions.

Accurate and Dependable

Our services are highly dependable. We rely on automated services, software which is the most updated version. As a result, our processing is accurate in every step. We handle any size payroll with ease. Our complete range of business solutions can help you with every aspect of your business and employees on a daily basis. 

Payroll Processing in Minutes

This is no fiction. With proper payroll software you can do the following tasks within minutes:

  • Process payroll with attendance and leave data
  • Send payslips to employees
  • Email salary transfer information to banks
  • Process your income tax, generate statutory reports

Last-Minute Edits

Payroll needs to be assessed with attendance and leave summary. And you have to wait for the last day at the office to get access to this data. If you want to pay your employees’ salary the next day, you might have to bring last-minute changes. That way you get hardly any time to process payroll. Your processing will be really fast with our automated payroll services. 

Here we pointed out the capabilities of our services for your ease of comprehension:

  • The accurate gross-to-net salary calculation for each period
  • Calculation and payment of government remittance
  • Employees payslip
  • Cheque printing and depositing to employee accounts
  • Pre-period payroll reports
  • Records of employment
  • Year-end tax slips and government summaries
  • Third-party checks
  • Full internet payroll and HR communication module
  • Payroll check reconciliation

Payroll processing is tricky and time-consuming. If you are not updated with the latest software you are already lagging behind your competition. At Talent Centric we make sure that there is no payroll-related hindrance in your business. We offer you an automated payroll service according to your need. 

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