Human Resource Management in Bangladesh

The human resource management of a company tries to make the best use out of the manpower. It is a strategic approach to manage the people of a company effectively so that they can add a competitive advantage to the company. Talent Centric provides the most prominent human resource management service in Bangladesh. Whether your company is just getting started or is in the process of changing, in any case, our human resource management team will offer you the best services with precise strategies. Our team manages human capital professionally and focuses on implementing policies and processes for the best outcome. For your company to grow, we tailor the three most effective human resource management elements: employment, training and development, and customer service. Greater productivity is promoted by training programs, performance evaluation, and reward programs. Besides all these, our team analyzes employee relations for better correspondence.

Employment Service

The beginning of a successful company starts with the right employees. Our human resource management service finds out the best fits for your organization. We scrutinize your needs with great effort and bring the most suitable candidates for the jobs you have to offer.

We practice process and analysis to retain and attract the best bunch of employees.  When you have the right people working for you, you have increased revenues, enhanced profitability, and optimized operations.

We follow a compact employment approach to find out the right fits for you. Our end-to-end employment approach includes:

  1. Needs assessments
  2. Legal requirements and research
  3. Staff planning
  4. Organizational development
  5. Identifying, analyzing, and developing job specifications
  6. Custom job descriptions and advertising
  7. Conducting recruitment process
  8. Reference verification and background checking
  9. Administrative recordkeeping
  10. Employee relation and communication
  11. Compensation and benefits

Training and development

The best human resource management service does not limit hiring the employees. We make sure that the employees are always motivated to add to your company profit. We value their capabilities and try to provide them with the tools and information they need for a better working situation.

We customize training programs according to your business needs and the needs of your customers. In those training programs, we meet your requirements for all job posts. We educate train and provide facilitation services including:

  1. Interviewing and hiring skills
  2. New employee hiring policies
  3. Customer service skills
  4. Team building and coaching
  5. Performance management
  6. Conflict resolution
  7. Strategic planning
  8. Individualized training and re-training for HR professionals

Customer Service Focus

Your business will not flourish if you can’t understand your customer needs. We make your job easier by analyzing customer needs and preparing the employees accordingly. We also analyze the employee’s expectations. Knowing what motivates and satisfies employees and customers is critical to building strong relationships.

Knowing your customer needs will take you a step further in the business competition. The key elements that can assist you with the services include:

  • Conducting services on employees and customer service satisfaction
  • Mystery shopping
  • Conducting employee and customer focus groups
  • Enhancing relationship and work environment

Human resource management service in Bangladesh would be successful only when the full package is offered. TalentCentric offers that full package of human resources. Let’s make your company greater together.

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