At Talent Centric Ltd, we provide business advisory service in Bangladesh. We also provide flexible virtual office spaces, executive offices, shared office spaces and even conference room rentals which have customizable lease terms across our nation. 


With the growth of a firm, Talent Centric is dedicated to providing assistance for a company’s legal, operational, financial, marketing and project management requirements. At Talent Centric, we function closely with a company’s principals and core goals to fully understand their business model and the drivers for their ultimate growth and success. 

We provide:

  • Business Advisory Services:

Talent Centric can help set company goals and long-term objectives that can aid in devising a strategy that allows for evaluation, implementation of current operations and grow recommendations for the future. 

  • Consulting:

Our Consulting Services can aid in implementing changes within your organization that will further help in accomplishing specific goals for both short term and long term purposes. We can help analyze your needs and make sure you meet them without any obstacles. 

  • Human Resource Consulting:

We have services that focus heavily on effectively your company’s personnel to achieve your short-term and long-term organizational goals. 

  • IT/Technology Advisory:

Talent Centric’s professional IT Services are dedicated to ensuring that your IT environment and operations are secure and problem-free. Maintaining your IT system can reduce the risk of data loss, enhance company security and improve the general flow of business functions. 

  • Risk Management:

With us your company can successfully identify, assess and manage current and potential business risks, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your risk management strategies and also minimize risk by further improving efficiency, reducing cost and ensuring regulatory compliance. 


  • Contracts and Agreements:

Talent Centric has its team of legal consultants who excel at assisting startups with assembling templates and reviewing various contracts and agreements in a cost-effective manner. Some of these include Shareholder agreements, Employment agreements, Service agreements, Business Contracts and more.


Regardless of whether a company is new or established, it can definitely benefit from external scrutiny and opinions to bring in more perspective and improvement. Talent Centric’s Consulting and Advisory team allows for this improvement and much more that will ultimately contribute to company success and growth.  

Through the means of a comprehensive range of consulting services Talent Centric can help a company identify their strengths and weaknesses to build strategies and to maximize business value. The following services are included:

  1. Corporate strategy and strategic planning
  2. Human Resource services
  3. Brand strategy, innovation and growth
  4. Project Management
  5. Strategic Planning and Implementation 
  6. Working Capital Management
  7. Corporate Governance
  8. Professional Training Workshops and Seminars
  9. Business Process Improvement 
  10. Merger and Acquisition Consulting and Due Diligence
  11. Training and Development
  12. Internal Audit Co-sourcing and Outsourcing 
  13. Compliance and Strategic Planning
  14. Financial Management and Operational Assessments
  15. Performance Benchmarking
  16. Business Interruption and Insurance Claims Consulting  


Maintaining costs and focusing all energy on business growth can help secure more potential clients and also attain more success for the future. 

The collaboration of digital innovation with business and industry insights can pave the way more seamless business functions and also allow for more prosperity in different departments of a company. Our group of expert advisors can not only help you craft an excellent strategy but also execute it to the best of our abilities by doing the following:

  1. Build a compelling business case 
  2. Construct a detailed implementation roadmap
  3. Manage change effectively and efficiently 
  4. Measure progress and success against relevant parameters

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