Employment and Labor Law Advising

Services at Talent Centric are not confined only to recruiting and managing. We also offer employment and labor law advising. The management team here excels in various industries. Moreover, we have a team of expert lawyers who will guide you through various job opportunities.

Our expert team will listen to you patiently first and then analyze your situation. Based on that, we deliver pieces of advice that can be life-changing for you. There are a number of practice areas of our advising team:

  • Banking
  • Business formation
  • Competition and consumer protection
  • Corporate and finance
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employment
  • Intellectual property
  • Media and telecommunication
  • NGO and non-profit
  • Power and energy
  • Real estate
  • Taxes and custom

We have a team of the best lawyers in Bangladesh who are assigned for the various legal inquiries you might have while running a business. We want the most achievements of yours in a legal way. Law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh can be troublesome. Their rules and regulations are interpreted in the most comprehensible way by our team. That way you can make wise decisions at any moment.

No matter if you are the leader of a huge company or start-up, business requires a wide area of involvement. There are trade unions, factory management, field supervision, laborer union, and many more to deal with. One unwise decision can ruin your business for which you worked so hard. At Talent Centric we won’t let that happen.

We can be your trusted accompany where you can share the legal difficulties you face in the walk of business. Our services cover many sectors. We try to build a good connection between the employer and employee. Our services work for both sides.

The services that we include in the labor law advising are

  • Salary management of the employees and employers
  • Bonus plan for the workers
  • Fiscal bonus wherever necessary
  • Provident fund services
  • Gratuity management
  • Motivational compensations

We have a huge information service too. Our huge database stores vast information supporting the legal issues in Bangladesh. Information services here consist of:

  • Wages and responsibility for payment of wages
  • Worker’s participation in the company’s profit
  • Understanding different modes of employment separation
  • Understanding misconducts and its classifications
  • Disciplinary actions and domestic inquiries
  • Handling of grievances
  • Classification of workers and their differences
  • Conditions of service and employment
  • Working hours or overtime entitlement and records
  • Annual leaves/ other leaves and holidays
  • Maternity benefits and payments
  • Fire and safety provisions and accident preventive measures

All in all, with us, you will get a complete package of employment and labor law advising. At the end of the day, this is going to be your business and your company. We want you to make the wisest decisions for it. You can do that with the help of our legal advisors.


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