Managed Executive Search and Recruitment Service

Without a powerful executive, it is quite difficult to maintain a business of any range. We know how skillful you want your executive to be. The leadership requirements keep changing. So we are always on our toes to keep you satisfied with your needs. We’ve managed executive search and recruitment in the past that contented our clients.

Suppose you have a team of skilled employees to do your work, but if they lack the proper direction there’s no way they can add to your company. You need an executive with acute leadership qualities. We find you those experienced executives.

Identifying and attracting executives require a rigorous approach. Our hiring team knows how to attract an accurate crowd of an executive that might fit with your requirements. We have a team of the experienced workforce who knows the depth of the situation and works accordingly.

For conducting a flawless executive search one needs to have thorough knowledge about certain industry and functional roles. Our hiring team knows the inside information and the way how to conduct our search. Our experience helps us a lot to search and recruit the right fit. 

Searching for the executive is a tricky job to do. We have to be updated about what is going on in the industry to find the right one. Our vast network assists us in this case. We follow strategic plans and proper methods for our search.

Our searching process starts with a meeting with our clients. In the meeting, we determine the job description. In the job description, we do thorough research about what sort of candidate the client is looking for. Then we lookout for opportunities.

First, we collect referrals to find the one. We collaborate with colleagues, spread out in the industry outings and different job portals. Only the leaders who have the necessary skill, experience, and personal qualities are approached by us.

We keep caution while approaching the leader. A very formal setting is selected for interviewing the executive. The interview sessions can last up to 2-2.5 hours. We prepare a quality questionnaire set before conducting the research. Collaborating with the client during the interviews helps a lot in such cases.

The candidates who completely align with the job description are called for the next step. We assess their credibility during the interview. Our clients help us for determining the specifics of the job. If they match the requirements then they are offered the job.

During the job offer, we deal with the negotiation part. We have a clear idea about what our clients want from the executive and what they can offer to the executive. While conducting the negotiation we keep in mind the needs of both parties. When they both agree we offer the job.

Our duty continues even after the job offer. To ensure if the executive is doing well in the new position, we follow up with them now and then. We also offer them a training session to break the stiffness, if there is any, with the new team.

Talent centric is very precise about the work. We leave no place to complain after we managed executive search and recruitment. That is how we bring you the right fit for your company.

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