Medical Checkup and Verification

When we recruit employees for you, we don’t only focus on the expertise of the candidates but also their medical condition. We verify them before hiring. As our services are client-oriented these are the services we provide on our end. Even after recruitment, the employees’ health issues are dealt with by us. Keeping their record of work too is our duty.

Medical Checkup

We care for the employees who work for you. Out of that concern, we offer medical benefits to the employees we hire. We do this medical checkup on two levels: before hiring the candidates and after hiring the candidates.

We comply with the immigration norms and regulations of various corporates. We ensure that the candidates are fit for the job. With this view, we have done a medical checkup on our end. We also tell candidates to take relevant tests. When the employees are in a foreign land, these medical checkups help a great deal.

  • When we run medical checkups before hiring the employees we aim to find the right fit for you. Any sort of job you may offer, the employees we take must have the physical stability to perform the job. During the interview sessions or the assessment period, we evaluate their physical stability. In special cases, drug tests are also done.
  • After we have recruited the employees our aim is to keep them in the right fit for you. The responsibility of their medical checkup lies on us. We take care of their health so that they keep in the perfect health to work more for you. In cases, we also take responsibility for their family’s medical checkup too.


Verifying the candidates before hiring is another great responsibility of us. Not only employees we run our verification services for third-party agents too. In short, we keep no stone unturned to bring you the authentic services available.

Our employee verification services are there for business to client and business to business operations. Employee screening platform enables us to choose the right candidate for the right job. We offer you quality verification with an accurate analysis.

There are some aspects that we keep in mind while conducting employee verification:

  • Driving license
  • Background verification
  • Employment verification
  • Passport verification
  • Education verification
  • Registered sex offenders
  • Reference check
  • Physical address verification
  • Lawsuit search
  • Nationwide criminal database
  • Third-party screening

We have a well-built third-party verification service too. You need to have thorough knowledge about whom you are having a contract. When we offer any third party endeavor we approach with acute caution and accuracy.

We scrutinize our vendors and credentials from criminal records to the financial background. Our information system helps a lot in this case. We keep records of everything that helps us with any further investigation. Improper vendors can hamper your business. At Talent Centric we won’t let that happen by conducting proper verification.

We maintain accuracy while any verification procedure. Clients’ trust is our motivation for work. As Talent Centric is an all-comprising organization, we leave no scopes unfulfilled when it comes to medical checkup and verification.

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