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You might be thinking that your company is fully grown and you can handle the tacky issues like Payroll on its own. But even a huge company needs a helping hand when it comes to finances. Talent Centric can be that helping hand. We offer an outsourced payroll service that solves any payroll related issues you might face.

Talent Centric is a complete human resource management organization that deals with recruitment to staffing as well as payroll services. We have a team of experts who will make the best use of your resources. Fulfilling employee expectations in the limited resources you have is our duty.

Before we dig into our payroll outsourcing services let us explain to you why you need our services.

Consultancy and Advisory

Highly efficient consultancy and advising you can get here at Talent Centric. We are associated with various segments of consultancy. We offer a complete range of career transition services helping to a strategic plan, practically implemented, and successfully conclude the job-change and career inter-change process.

We move beyond the traditional HR and change management processes. We help organizations to take benefits from the changes taking place in their industry and workplace. Our change and agility experts work with the client to render the best services in these issues.

Our outsourced payroll services include solutions in various sectors:

1. Flexible spending and dependable care accounts

We gain an in-depth idea of the employees you need and serve with the best matches. They produce the highest return on your business.

2. Payroll and tax processing services

We make payroll management easy to understand. Customizable reports give you what you need. Moreover, our software is quick and easy to sign-up for.

3. Complete payroll processing

We offer complete patrol processing from the start to finish. We help you with anything you might need in the management of the services.

4. Input methods

We know that all input methods cannot satisfy all clients. So we offer a variety of input methods that we customize the way our clients want them.

5. Time and attendance solutions

Statistics show average payroll clerk spends 7 minutes per time card preparing, computing, and verifying each time card. We value time, so we take the hassle on your behalf.

6. Tax credit service

Important tax credits are often left unused. The reasons are mostly that they don’t know that the advantages are available, or how to calculate the credits. We help them with such issues.



Outsourced payroll service that we provide is real-time, user friendly, and updated. With us helping you with the payroll issues, you can put your full concentration on your business. Put your trust in Talent Centric and you will never be disappointed.

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