Employment Training Service in Bangladesh

Talent Centric not only recruits the best employees for you, but it also trains them to work according to your expectations. We have a separate team for the talent acquisition part and a different one for their training sessions. We thrive for quality, and we ensure it by proper training.

Experience has taught us that an employee can add more to the company if they are presented with additional training sessions before joining in. With this motto in head, we have launched specialized training programs for the employees before offering them a permanent job for you.

We have initiated a briefing program and organized orientation programs for the new recruits in your company. The purposes of these training sessions are:

  1. To let them know about their respective job duties.
  2. To make them respect the company rules and regulations.
  3. To make them aware of the company policy.

Talent Centric provides goal-oriented training services. We are well-aware of the sort of employee our clients are looking for. We search for employees according to that. Still, for a better outcome from the employees, we arrange for the training services.

The training sessions are helpful for both the employees and employers. On one hand, the employees are getting more exposure to the job responsibilities they will be facing. On the other hand, employers are getting alert about the capabilities of the people working for them.

A business will succeed only when it is up-to-date with modern skills. In the fast-changing office environment, keeping up with the moving world is the real challenge. We know how to keep up with the pace, which is by keeping your employees updated. We offer training programs the very moment something new comes up in the industry. That is how they are always prepared to tackle new challenges.

Training sessions are not only for the fresh faces in the job market, they are for the old ones too. Whenever an experienced person in a certain industry joins a new workplace, it becomes more difficult for him or her to adjust to the new team. Our training program also works as an ice-breaker for the whole team.

Our employment training service covers a wide range of training programs

  • Apprenticeship system
  • Education and training connection
  • Education and training consultant services
  • Individual development accounts
  • Reemployment portal
  • Trade adjustment assistance programs
  • Workforce innovation and opportunity program
  • Tax consultant programs

The employees that we search for you are already experts in their respective fields. But even an experienced persona needs guidance in a new atmosphere. We make opportunities for them to flourish in a new workplace. The training service can be considered as a probation period to prove their worth for their position in your company.

Employment train service works as a bridge that connects the employees with the company on a psychological level too. It creates a good impression on the new recruits regarding the company. When they learn something new they value the opportunity they got in your company. Talent Centric makes sure that both the client and the employee are benefitted from the services we provide.