Contractual Staffing In Bangladesh

When running a company you might need the help of people from outside your territory. So we provide contractual staffing in Bangladesh. This temporary hand of help is referred to as contract staffing. The motive of such help is to add value to your current working manpower. A new dimension to your business is added with this contract staffing.

Our contract team focuses on hiring a temporary skill set that matches your requirement. When we look for such contract staffing, we emphasize the fact whether their terms match with yours or not. We value relationships, that’s why we want to build a solid connection between you and the staff working for you.

We provide a multitude of services that incorporate a wide area of expertise. We customize the search or staffing solutions based on the client’s needs. Our work expands nationwide in terms of temporary and contractual staffing. We provide permanent and temp-to-perm as well.

Contractual Staffing

We supply our clients with top-notch professionals for a specific amount of time or project. We exterminate our clients from the hassles of paperwork including taxes, payroll processing, worker’s compensation, unemployment liabilities, etc.

Temporary Staffing

The purpose of temporary staffing is to meet long-term, short-term, and/or project-based needs. We provide experienced and skilled temporary resources in case any worker is on leave or sick or in an emergency. Our tireless work makes it possible for you to work without hurdles.

Temp-to-perm Staffing

We also offer term-to-perm staffing when an employer finds out a vacancy that can be filled out with a temporary employee. If the client likes the candidate we make it possible to hire them permanently.

While searching for contractual staffing, we keep an open eye on your specifications. Talent Centric looks out for talent; the exact one that you need for your company. Our job is not confined to searching for permanent employees for you. We also bring you the right contractual resources you need.

To operate a company smoothly, you’ll face the need for many resources that you can’t get on a regular basis. Some of them are project-based while others you might need for a specific amount of time. We make your work easier by providing the help you need in the long run.

We provide contract staffing in a list of sectors. According to your described agenda, we collect a team of experienced workers to help you in the following area:

  • Human resource
  • Payroll management
  • Visa application
  • Headhunting
  • Outsourcing
  • Offshore and onshore recruitment etc.

Other than these we provide a list of shared services:

  • Benefits management
  • Vendor management
  • Survey management
  • HRMS management
  • Global help desk
  • Labour compliance etc.

The typical length of contract staffing is one or two years. But the time can vary depending on the type of contract needed. Sometimes the nature of the contract needs more time than usual. Again some of the contractual jobs can ultimately turn into permanent employment.

Talent Centric is dedicated to the job without considering if it is small or large. With our help, you are guaranteed to find the specifics you are looking for.